Order Bud Online-Some Insights

Marijuana, clinically termed as cannabis is a drug preparation from the flowering five-leaf plant, cannabis. It has long been associated as an illegal drug and is classified as a schedule I drug which means that physicians cannot prescribe it. The ground for its classification is rooted from medical marijuana collective effects in the body as a psychoactive agent with a stimulant, hallucinogenic, and depressant effect or a combination of the three. Because of that, the drug causes a euphoria which is a high feeling of ecstasy. This may be the lone reason why people resort to its usage. Medical marijuana has a very high tendency for physiologic and psychological dependence and abuse. order bud online

Despite its disadvantage, countless research is proving that the drug’s benefits can outweigh its bad effects. Medical marijuana collective use most aids patients with chronic conditions according to studies. These conditions include the following:

A research showed that an active ingredient of marijuana slows down the formation of plaques and prevents the advancement of the disease. It has also been shown that it can prevent formation of proteins that is responsible for memory impairment associated with the disease.

It is surprising to note that smoking cannabis alone (without tobacco smoking) does not increase the risk for lung cancer instead it can create a shielding effect and this result is well established. There are however evidences that claims a synergistic effect of cannabis and tobacco smoking in the increased risk of lung cancer. A study in California was done and showed that cannabinol, a chemical found in marijuana can prevent the spread of breast cancer in the body.

Patients with HIV/AIDS greatly benefits from medical marijuana. A study conducted that smoking marijuana among these patients significantly reduced the occurrence and severity of neuropathic pain and have increasing appetite effects. Medical marijuana has a whole lot to offer only that research to prove its greatest advantage is only that financing is not enough. It may be the wonder drug that we all have been waiting for.